The Passport & Beyond

Operating in a Global Market Place

MTOAA members operate in a national (and often global) marketplace—with a business climate changing faster than the weather.

To thrive here, track owners and operators must be smart, responsive, forward-thinking, and innovative. And they rely on their industry partners to be equally capable. MTOAA has developed several programs to help the racing industry as a whole, and its individual members, owners, and operators.

That's why MTOAA offers passport participants:

  • More than just a partner check
  • Services that meet the needs of their businesses, their team, and their future
  • Expertise and resources for today and what tomorrow may bring

It is also why MTOAA invests through "Go Racing" in new programs, new public websites, and new ways for families around the country (and beyond) to enjoy the exciting race experience our members provide.

To keep our members thinking, leading, and innovating toward success MTOAA partners with them to identify new fan-base development opportunities, and helps move the industry forward through collaboration, innovation, promotion and drive.

More opportunities, more value, and more ways to bring new fans to members' tracks—connecting members with all of this is why MTOAA's staff works hard every day to prove we mean what we say: "Helping Tracks Succeed Every Day!".

A Suite of Marketing Resources

MTOAA and the "Go Racing" Program have a suite of marketing opportunities for members including:

  • Go Racing
  • MTOAA Passport Programming
  • MTOAA Race Days Presented by Spillfix
  • Luv Racing
  • Race of a Lifetime
  • TrackWorld Publications
  • Victory Lap Charities
  • Shared Sponsorship Cooperative
  • MTOAA Custom Marketing

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating in the MTOAA Marketing Suit, please contact the marketing department at 888-579-3380, ext. 220.