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Advocacy on Behalf of the U.S. Track Industry

One of the Motorsport Track Owners Association of America's strategic priorities is advocacy on behalf of the U.S. track industry as a whole. MTOAA's Government Relations Department ensures that the track community's concerns and interests, and those of individuals working within the industry, are effectively represented nationally within legislative processes at all levels, and that track operations are assisted locally to ensure standing in their communities.

The Advocacy Department strives to achieve this goal through various tools and services, e.g., conducting grassroots and grass-tops outreach campaigns, coordinating lobbying efforts (when necessary), growing the MTOAA Political Action Committee (Track PAC), and assembling industry leaders and government officials to discuss issues critical to the motorsport track industry.

We're With You — Locally

TrackVOICE (MTOAA's Local Advocacy Program) works with, and goes beyond working with, legislators and local officials—also going right to community members' front doors. Our community-affairs professionals can help manage disgruntled neighbors and unsupportive local governments. We help develop game plans, secure expert advice, and generate community support. When assistance with local conflict is needed, TrackVOICE produces hard-hitting direct-mail pieces, brochures, ad campaigns, advocacy websites and other tools to ensure elected officials receive the right message at the right time, while giving track owners a way to fight for their property and business-operation rights.

Contact Us

If you need help with a local or state issue, please call MTOAA Partner Service at 888-579-3380, ext. 230. We're on your side!