Resources for the K-12 Community

Community — Outreach

The outreach kit includes guidelines, practical tips, activities and other resources to help track operators engage and participate with youth groups, community organizations, classroom teachers, and K-12 students. Track operators share their understanding of and passion for the racing world, stories on using racing to illustrate education lessons, practices in the profession, and facts about pursing careers in all aspects of racing.

The kit includes:

  • Guidelines — practical tips and best practices for effectively reaching out to the community.
  • Tips and Tools for Track Owners in the Classroom.
  • Education in Motion — Math and Science Education Experience at the Track.
  • R-TEAM Volunteer Handbook: A Guide to Classroom Visits and Field Trips by Racetrack Employees and Managers (R-TEAM).
  • Guidelines for Great Presentations from MTOAA Members.
  • Education Outreach and Public Engagement, by Ed Burghard.
  • Classroom and Outreach Activities — more than two-dozen activities catalogued around learning outcomes, national standards, and grade level.
  • Career Resources — career resources and brochures are available from MTOAA to reach out to future racetrack operators; MTOAA provides a "What is a Track" poster.
  • K-12 FutureTrack Website Reviews — a selective list of websites reviewed by volunteers and members of MTOAA's Committee on K-12 education based on usefulness, purpose, content, ease of navigation, organization and relevance to the K-12 educator community.
  • Trackworld YouTube Channel — YouTube channel for all things MTOAA and track industry.